Collective Efforts For Planetary Healing

Kristi McCracken, August 12, 2011

The wave of healing for our second annual Earth Healing Day is building, and we invite you to join in. If you are in the Santa Fe area, please join us at noon at the labyrinth on Museum Hill. If you can’t join us, you can create your own EHD event.

Wherever you are, it’s time to wrap our precious planet in a huge healing embrace once again. Starting at the International Date Line, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm in each respective time zone, a wave of spiritual blessing will move around the planet - and once again offer participants a global experience of unity.

Prompted into action after the underwater volcano of oil gushed into the Gulf, the first Earth Healing Day was created to support our precious planet during this crisis. On August 15, 2010, participants from around the world focused their prayers, meditations, chants, and healing intentions toward the Gulf. After this successful day of blessing, participants continued efforts as an ongoing monthly global event, held on the last Sunday every month and focused on a specific country or condition.

At this one year anniversary we look back in celebration of all the focused healing intentions we’ve collectively addressed. As each new devastating event filled news headlines, a new region received our attention. September was dedicated to getting relief aid to flood victims in Pakistan. In October, supporters focused prayers for peace in the drug wars in Mexico. Media coverage in November was centered on freeing the trapped Chilean miners. The attention in December was directed toward villagers who survived volcanic eruptions in Indonesia.

In January, on the one year anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake that took a quarter of a million lives and homes, aid was directed at getting the hundreds of thousands of refugee from tent camps to more permanent homes. February saw devastating flooding in Australia, Brazil, Philippines and Sri Lanka while April dealt with balancing the elemental forces of wind and water after floods and tornadoes in the United States.

The revolutions in Northern Africa and the Middle East riveted eyes and prayers for freedom fighters during March and support for Tibet’s half a century struggle for independence became the focus in July. When the earthquake and tsunami triggered the nuclear meltdown in Japan, prayers for survivors poured in. Healing radiation poisoning became the focus in May as nuclear scientists scrambled for cooling solutions.

Remaining attuned to ongoing disasters can be challenging, but those of us fortunate enough to live lives of relative ease are called to do just that. Set aside the tendency to slip into overwhelm and complacency. Get informed and get involved.

World Aid organizations warn about compassion fatigue, but EHD participants can turn to tools on the EHD website to inspire and energize their monthly efforts. Make a compassionate connection with fellow planetary citizens. Read the monthly focus articles and listen to a guided meditation about that region’s specific needs at www.earthhealingday.com.

When flooding along the Missouri River threatened two nuclear plants in Nebraska and the path of a wildfire threatened Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, it reminded Americans of their potential plutonium poisoning vulnerabilities.

Earth Healing Day was birthed amidst last year’s highly publicized stain on Earth’s oceans. The need was obvious. Now we are living with a field of invisible radioactive particles which are potentially even more grave for Earth and her inhabitants.

Help transition planetary responsibility across the current generational gap. Those with greater life experience and wisdom are called to guide and support those who will inherit Earth. These future generations must learn to harness the power of the collective mind, because it is strong enough to shift the course of a planet.

Join us at noon on August 14th to send your loving thoughts and prayers to cleanse and heal our beloved planet. Combined with the efforts of tens of thousands of others around the globe, your prayers will have a powerful energizing impact. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of human history.”

Kristi McCracken is a journalist in the Central Valley of California