A Special Report From The Loretto Pakistan Committee

Loretto Pakistan Committee, September 23, 2010

All of our Pakistani sisters are now safe at home in Faisalabad. Nasreen, Maria and Samina welcomed Iffat home this past Monday. They have received the necessary vaccinations to protect them from the diseases that plague the country in the aftermath of the flood. The La Salle Brothers have re-opened their school for classes and our sisters are back in the classrooms teaching and helping with the very young students.

Afternoons and evenings are spent ministering to the multitude of flood victims living in near-by refugee camps. Although the waters have receded, the heat and humidity is intense with temperatures rising to 115 degrees. Standing water serves as a breeding place for disease-carrying insects and residual odors are stifling.

At the request of Bishop Coutts, our sisters have been preparing and taking food to a village of women brick makers who lost everything in the flood. Their presence is a comfort and support to these women and their children. Our sisters have also opened their home to a couple and their four children also victims of the devastating flood. The mother is helping our sisters with food preparation.

Media reports that necessary aid is slow in getting to the neediest in the flood ravaged areas. Loretto has been in contact with Bishop Coutts, Nasreen, Maria, Iffat and Samina in an effort to determine the most effective way to get help to Pakistan. The most efficient channel is through Bishop Coutts and the Diocese of Faisalabad. Loretto will serve as a conduit for donations to the flood relief efforts in Pakistan.

All contributions for Pakistan should be sent to the Loretto Development Office and earmarked for Pakistan Flood Relief. These funds will be transferred to Bishop Coutts for use through the services provided by the Diocese of Faisalabad. We wanted to ensure that funding would reach those in need and not be tied up in government red tape.

We encourage all Loretto Community members to spread the word to family and friends who may want to join in our efforts. We have had many inquiries and now have a system of channeling financial aid to our sisters and brothers in Pakistan. All contributions are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by the Loretto Development office staff.