Aid for Pakistan

Susan O’Neal, August 31, 2010

Unfortunately U.S. military command has felt it necessary to take two forms of action in Pakistan which has severely alienated the Pakistani people. One can understand how U.S. bombs falling on innocent Pakistani people would create anger in the country. Likewise, one can understand how the intrusion of U.S. soldiers going door to door in search of the Taliban would antagonize Pakistani families. It is understandable, yet regrettable, that U.S. military actions have caused the U.S. approval rating in Pakistan to fall drastically, particularly at a time when we desperately need the Pakistan people's support to banish the Taliban insurgency.

But we have a chance to redeem our good name and restore trust with the Pakistani people if we "show up" to help them in their great time of need. Millions of Pakistani people are now homeless as a result of the worst flood in Pakistan history. Children are searching for higher ground with no parents to help them. People have had to climb trees to escape the waters and eat leaves to stay alive. We, on the other side of the world, cannot fathom the destruction and devastation the flood waters have wrought on the land nor the water-born diseases that are spreading throughout the country.

If ever a country needed the help of the international community, it's Pakistan who needs it and they need it URGENTLY NOW. Now is our chance to redeem our good name and reputation for being a force for compassionate conscience. My goal is for every U.S. citizen to donate $10 of their own money to help desperate people whom we will never meet. Let's help the U.S. "show up" with aid and support for the Pakistani people. This can only enhance our poor image in the Muslim world. There is no time to lose; we must TAKE ACTION NOW (which will help our cause as well as theirs).

Note: Donations made payable to the Rotary Foundation will be matched dollar for dollar through their Rotary Pakistan Flooding Recovery Fund. For donations to be matched dollar for dollar, checks should be made payable to The Rotary Foundation with “Rotary Pakistan Flooding Recovery Fund” on the memo line and sent to: Rotary Club of Washington DC, 1101 16th Street NW, Floor 1C, Washington, DC 20036. Download more information about the Rotary Foundation’s efforts in Pakistan.