Dedication to Earth

August 1, 2010

May I live as a holy example of Divine Light indwelling human form,

and may my example bless Earth.

May the power of the life force that graces my body-mind

be offered to my beloved Earth,

and may it bring some form of healing to Her.

May I love Earth with the profound intensity of a Buddha or a Christ,

and may Earth be the better for my presence among her children.

May I be fully awake to all my prior negligence and apathy toward Earth,

and may I fully commit to remaining awake to serve Her.

May my mind be pure and whole,

reflecting the pristine beauty of the Gulf of Mexico

unsullied by the toxic waste of karmic residue.

May my thoughts, words and actions

align completely with the Plan for Earth's becoming.

May my eyes be opened to the full vision of Earth's precious healing,

and may I see with clarity Her pristine beauty restored.

May all the goodness I have generated in all my living upon Earth

be concentrated into my service for the planet .

I offer the full measure of my spiritual aptitude

to the healing and wholing of planet Earth.

As a child of the Light, and on the basis of the light within me,

I now request forgiveness for the carelessness and negligence

humanity has wrought upon Earth.

With every breath I take,

I will powerfully affirm the healing process

now in progress for planet Earth,

and I dedicate every beat of my heart

to the healing and wholing of precious Earth.