Meditating to Help the Planet

Kathlyn Kingdon, June 28, 2010

This is a message to all who want to be of service to Earth at this time:

To those of you already applying your meditations to the disaster now taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, a huge Thank You. While it may be tempting to become complacent at the enormity of this event, please be mindful to avoid this trap. Rather, redouble your efforts by sharpening your concentration when offering your prayers and meditations for Earth. For visualization images, use a stream of vibrant white light, or the “Fire of Transformation,” or the “Violet Flame” to aid you in this focus. It is important to use the imagery of burning in your meditation, since there has been so much literal burning going on in order to burn off the oil residue. Thus, use imagery that will connect your spiritual efforts with the physical efforts now underway. In fact, burning at the spiritual level can have real benefits, since it does not generate the pollution of smoke to contaminate the skies.

Those of you who are schooled in tonglen meditation practice may want to use it to reduce the suffering now spreading throughout the whole area. Please direct a special flow of white light to all beings trying to live in the ever-expanding oil. Also include in your projection of white light, or transformative images, a field of protection for all living beings in the area, and offer a prayer of protection as well as a flow of deep appreciation for the humans who are working tirelessly to clean the oil from the birds and animals they can catch. Theirs is not only a tireless service; it is physically exhausting and devastating, emotionally, and damaging to their bodies.

One of the devastating side effects of the oil is those tar clumps that are washing up on beaches. While tar clumps could be harvested by workers picking them up, such will prove to be an impossible task in human work hours. Further, the tinier clumps will find their way into the digestive cycles of birds, fish and sea mammals. Not only will these beings be ingesting the tar, they will also be ingesting the chemical dispersant. Such has already had severe effects upon, not only the mortality factor of these beings, but, also, in their chromosomal constitution, as well.

In your prayers and meditations, do not forget to bless the fishermen, and those who harvest other foods from the sea, including crabs, oysters and mussels, and further out, sea kelp. Because the need is so great now, keep your prayers and meditations powerful and regular. Use the full force of your concentration in this effort. Indeed, this is truly a huge wake-up call for all of us on planet Earth. Be grateful that you are able to perform this service, and let your efforts be dedicated to easing the suffering of those who are most afflicted from this calamity.

Know that every task you do can in some way be dedicated to clearing the fouled waters of the Gulf of Mexico, even though you may live a long way from the area. Dedicate your work, even your play, to repairing the continuing damage in the Gulf. In so doing, you are contributing to the overall cleansing of this planet.

May each of you be blessed a thousand-fold for your loving service, and may Earth have the energy and the where-with-all to rejuvenate her physical body from this grave insult. May your efforts to spiritually cleanse the Gulf of Mexico expand all around the planet, and may Earth’s points of toxic waste, radioactive waste and places fouled by the spilling of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, be returned to beautiful, fertile lands that can grow food for all Earth children.