Message To Share

Kathlyn Kingdon, August 2, 2011

Here is a copy of a note one of our organizers recently sent to all her friends. We urge and welcome you to take a moment to send a message out to all your friends, associates and loved ones as well. Thank you.

Dear Friends:

I'm sure you all remember our first Earth Healing Day last summer. We are looking forward to another great day for Earth this year.

I would like to invite you to once again participate in our "global wave" of prayer and healing on behalf of our wonderful planet. While the official Earth Healing Day remains August 15th, we will be creating the global wave on Sunday, August 14. (We are soliciting participation from all around the world, and that is much easier to accomplish on a Sunday than on a Monday.)

As you may recall from last year, the idea is both simple and grand. We ask people all around the world to spend one hour, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. in their own time zone, reflecting on this amazing planet we call home. Imagine thousands of people from all around the world thoughtfully intending that Earth receive healing from all the stresses currently arising. This might take the form of praying, meditating, chanting, singing, dancing or some other form of intentional focus. Many paths, one intention: healing for our precious planet.

Our goal is to once again enlist support and participation from people in every time zone all around the world. This will result in a global embrace that spans a full 24 hours. Will you join us?

Please check out our website – EarthHealingDay.com. On the Get Involved page you’ll find information cards as well as a list of suggested activities for Earth Healing Day. Feel free to share this information with everyone you know who cares about the future of our planet (not to mention the future generations of maturing young adults who will "inherit the Earth" we leave them). Let us do everything we can to leave them a pristine and peaceful planet, and a beautiful world to enjoy with their children. If you can get together with a group of friends or family members during the selected hour, please do so - prayers and positive intentions are magnified in a group focus.

I would love to hear from each one of you regarding how you spent the hour designated for planetary blessing and healing. Here in Santa Fe we will be busy hosting a large event. We’ll be chanting, meditating and invoking planetary healing through prayerful dance by a local group, the Aztec Dancers. I wish all of you could come to Santa Fe for this powerful event - we are expecting hundreds of people to attend. Wherever you are on August 14th, have a wonderful Earth Healing Day!

Love and blessings to you all,


p.s. We’re on Facebook now, so you can “Like” Earth Healing Day and help spread the word that way as well. Thanks!