Much To Consider

Kathlyn Kingdon, June 29, 2011

A huge "Thank You" to all of you who participated in the global wave for Earth last Sunday, June 26th. It was another exciting day of healing for Earth, and an inspiring opportunity for all of us who participated to offer blessings, good wishes and lots of healing energy to/for the planet. Again, thank you! Earth is counting on all of us to support Her in these rapidly changing times.

As we move toward the new month (July), there is much to consider on behalf of our precious planetary home. In the U.S., here in New Mexico and Arizona, we watch as our land, homes and forests continue to blaze with wildfires. The drought here makes it nearly impossible to contain and control the fires, which are now threatening the nuclear facility in Los Alamos, the very laboratory that created the atomic bomb. Yet, at the same time, my friends and family in North and South Dakota continue to build levees of sand bags, trying to contain and control flooding rivers that threaten destruction of land, homes and farms. Further, the flooding Missouri River threatens two nuclear facilities in Nebraska, bringing home the very real threat of nuclear catastrophe.

Our brothers and sisters in Syria are grievously oppressed, and continue to face circumstances daily that can only be described as unimaginably brutal. We bear high witness to their continued stamina in the face of overwhelming repression, torture and killing. While statistics are difficult to verify, estimates tonight are that over 1,000 people have been killed in the Syrian resistance movement, at least 100 of whom were tortured children. Let us redouble our efforts to send compassion, healing and clarity to the people resisting domination in Syria. May our continued moral support and our prayers and meditations sustain them at this time.

As of Monday 27 June, Moammar Gadhafi has been declared an outlaw by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands. While the action of the ICC (an international tribunal created to prosecute individuals for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity) may seem slow, today's action at least lays some groundwork for international sanctions. Unfortunately, Libya appears to be descending into a vicious civil war. May our combined support continue as we remember our Libyan brothers and sisters in our meditations and focused visualizations.

Our focus for July will be on the freedom fighters of Tibet. Having resisted the domination of the Chinese government for over 50 years, their resistance movement is the longest in recorded history. Yet amazingly, in spite of enduring years of torture, loss of life and quality of life, not to mention the destruction of their land, wildlife, cultural and spiritual institutions, the Tibetan spirit remains strong. Having withstood conditions so deplorable that most of us cannot even imagine them, the valiant determination of Tibetans to regain freedom from outside oppressors calls all of us to examine the level of our own commitment to a just and free world.

Join us this month in sending a healing wave to the people of Tibet. Let us acknowledge the half-century of dedicated commitment to freedom, justice and human values, which has fueled this amazing, although incredibly costly, resistance movement. May their suffering not be in vain!