Our Food: How We Sacrificed Planetary Stewardship for the Profit Motive, and What To Do About It

Paul Martin, July 30, 2010

We are on the edge of a precipice. Within the next few years, we will have made irrevocable decisions regarding where we get the food we eat here in America. The responsibility of growing, supplying and distributing our food has fallen into the hands of those who value profits over nutritional quality. Food that has been genetically altered negatively impacts our health and that of our planet.

While we were sleeping, a quantum leap was made by the scientific-corporate-industrial-agricultural-complex that created the possibility of a total commercial monopoly on our food in this country.

Do we allow the conglomerates pushing genetically altered food, and the huge agricultural corporations running factory-farming, to walk away with a monopoly on our food and how we access it, or do we stop this insidious commercial enterprise in its tracks, now, and save ourselves, our planet and all who live on Her?

According to Jeffrey Smith at the Institute For Responsible Technology, the leading proponent for a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)-free planet, genetically altered foods have already flooded the market. 80 to 90 percent of all the food we purchase in the supermarket contains GMO ingredients. The food you buy that is not actually certified “Organic” has probably been genetically tampered with.

And, according to the Organic Consumers Association, "The future of life on this planet may depend on what we eat. Factory farmed junk food is the #1 cause of climate change…”

How did we get here? What can we do to take our food back into our own hands?

The genetic food revolution is an incredibly long, convoluted and complicated story orbiting around the chemical giant Monsanto. If you are interested in how the wool was pulled over our eyes, you should look at these links:




This revolution is a cynical, profit-driven corporate exercise, just as factory farming is.  The truly terrifying aspect is that we have no idea at all what long-term ramifications this will have on the genetic makeup of consumers, or the planet.

What does it mean to be eating “RoundUp-ready” corn? Well, it means the GMO corn seeds cannot survive without massive applications of the carcinogenic and mutagenic chemical, RoundUp. It means the corn you are eating is actually, officially a pesticide. There is definite evidence connecting GMO food to sterility and infant mortality.  This GMO corn is, in fact, simply a sales tool for the pesticide RoundUp, Monsanto’s big money maker. In order to maximize profits, Monsanto created a genetic mutation, by actually tinkering with the fundamental DNA of corn seeds. That is why I call this horrifying development, “cynical.”

How, also, does the industrial farming industry justify the production of beef, for instance, when each pound of beef consumes ten times the land and resources as would non-GMO corn, soy and alfalfa.

What about the human genes spliced into bacon to make it leaner?

What about rat genes spliced into tomatoes to increase shelf life?

What about the mantra in GMO food creation circles, “Soil is what holds the plant up?”

All of this is an indicator of our complete disconnection from Mother Earth, each other and all the sentient beings who also live on the planet with us?

What can be done?

Choose what we buy very carefully.

It is as simple as this: Don’t buy anything that is genetically altered. Buy only Organic products. Read all labels. And, carry the Non-GMO Shopping Guide with you every time you enter a store. Download that guide right here:


Let’s take a page out of the playbooks of both Europe and Japan. They banned GMO foods. How? By simple grassroots action: Nobody bought them. If we do the same we will be healing Mother Earth and ourselves. The law of supply and demand will apply to organic food, here in America. When we start buying organic food instead of being force fed GMO- and industrial-farm-foods, the price of organics will drop. That, in turn will increase demand, and, “Presto!” We have saved the family farm, our genetic resources, and Mother Earth’s soil, in one fell swoop.

© 2010, Paul Martin. All Rights Reserved. Published with permission of author.