Prayer for the Earth’s Healing

Dianna North, August 8, 2010

May the song of planet Earth be sung in full harmony

to the uttermost parts of the Universe.

May the sentient beings of Earth hold forth complete respect

and utter appreciation for Her sacrifices on behalf of them.

May Earth be freed from the darkness of the collective karma of Her children,

and may grace be restored to the planetary experience.

May Earth have her full liberation,

and may Her bondage to the darkness of Her children be forever obliterated.

May the suffering Earth has experienced at the hands of Her children

be utterly dissolved in a cosmic flow of loving kindness.

May purity and goodness arise on Earth,

ascending from the foul pools of pollution

just as the legendary phoenix rises from is depleted ashes.

May the combined goodness of all sentient beings come forth,

cleansing and dissolving the negative karma now arising on Earth.

May the stuporous trance that obscures pristine consciousness

be utterly shattered by a profound awakening of all Earth's beings.

May the darkness of the toxic karma compromising Earth

be thoroughly transformed by the renewing of collective human consciousness.

May the combined goodness of all beings everywhere,

from every time and place, arise with purpose,

obliterating the toxic darkness that would devour Earth's pristine innocence.

May the darkness of the greed, corruption, deceit and neglect

perpetrated on this planet

be utterly dissolved in the presence of Divine Light.  

May wisdom, love and decency prevail,

and may the progress of Earth be unfettered.