Recovering From Extreme Floods: Brazil, Australia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka

Kristi McCracken, February 8, 2011

Our compassionate efforts for this month go out to our fellow planetary citizens experiencing severe flooding. People’s possessions, homes, and even family members have been swept away in floodwaters in Brazil, Australia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

We are all being called to witness the pain and support healing for our planetary family in these regions of the planet. You can help by energetically holding the field of support. Tune in to what is going on, and contribute to the collective visualization of relief for all the suffering that was left in the wake of these mighty waters.

As always, we encourage you to offer daily compassion prayers and meditations – and we will join together to create a worldwide healing wave from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm on the fourth Sunday of the month - February 27, 2011.


In Brazil, mudslides and flooding washed through the hills above Rio de Janeiro and officials fear more than 1300 are dead. Over 830 bodies have been recovered while 540 people are still listed as missing.

Rescue workers searched for thousands of survivors in the mountainous region who were trapped in their homes. People dug through three feet of mud searching for their belongings and bricks to help them rebuild.

Six thousand residents made homeless by this disaster are living in temporary shelters. Many areas remain cut off from road access so victims are receiving help via helicopters.The Rio state disaster is reported to be the worst natural catastrophe in Brazil's history.

Further south heavy rains also swamped Santa Catarina state leaving 23,000 more homeless. May our hearts compassionately open to those who have faced first hand the flooding in Brazil as if they are members of our family. Indeed, we are one human family, are we not? Help their healing by acknowledging their grief at the loss of material goods as well as loved ones.


Cyclones struck Australia's northeast coast causing heavy rains that overflowed rivers to flood 20 cities and towns affecting over 200,000 residents. Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard said that this is a major natural disaster which will take considerable recovery time.

The flood-waters have wreaked havoc in Brisbane, Australia, as well, where 30 suburbs were submerged. Government officials and insurance companies estimate that 40,000 homes and 5000 business have been flooded. Lost crops and ruined highways add to the cost estimates for damages which run over a billion dollars.

Strong community spirit has rallied to clean up debris from the flooding, but efforts were hampered when no collection trucks could get through to take the silt away. Business owners used only wheelbarrows to clear away the debris.

Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, draws billions of dollars annually from tourists who come to see the Great Barrier Reef. Rivers dumping flood waters affect reefs close to the shore because fresh water kills coral. This slows the process of reef recovery from other impacts, including over-fishing, climate change, and pollution.

The sea animals, coral and those who’ve lost loved ones and homes in this flooding need our compassion as we offer strength to endure the aftermath of the big floods that hit the Land Down Under. Visualize restoration and healing for the land, the people, and all the animals so greatly impacted by these floods.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, flooding and landslides due to heavy rainfall last month have left 68 dead, while 26 others were reported missing. Although it’s the middle of the dry season, a third of the provinces along the island chain have been drenched - affecting nearly 2 million people in over 2000 villages.

Rains flooded at least six low-lying coastal villages damaging approximately 40 million dollars worth of crops, infrastructure and private property. In the northern and central Philippines, nearly half a million have received emergency assistance.

Floods have triggered erosion and mudslides due to deforestation. Illegal logging is a recurring problem in the Philippines. The President is considering banning logging in the country due to the loss of life from the mudslides.

Like a web, we’re all connected. Preserving the trees prevents mudslides which save lives. May the villagers who must now rebuild receive our generous assistance. Create a wave of gratitude for all those who are aiding and assisting those affected by the floods.

Sri Lanka

In December, 43 people were killed and a million driven out of their homes by flooding. In January, 27 more deaths from heavy monsoon rains were reported. More rain has fallen in the last month than they normally receive in a year.

During this second round of heavy rains, approximately 350,000 people left their homes seeking safety in temporary refugee camps on higher ground. As flood waters recede and families in this region return, they face the loss of their homes and livelihoods. Rains have wiped out schools and crops as well.

Sri Lanka's agricultural ministry reported that 21% of the country's rice crop had been destroyed. The Eastern Province was hit the worst hit losing 80% of its rice crop. A spokes person for Save the Children fears that over 400,000 children will face food shortages in the next couple of months.

Visualize an abundant outpouring of relief efforts and food supplies arriving in a timely manner to help all those in need. May your generosity and kindness add to the healing potential for all who are suffering.

What You Can Do:

  • Go to www.earthhealingday.com and click on the Get Involved page. You’ll find a sample mediation to listen to (in English and Spanish). Offer your compassion prayers and meditations daily. This is such an easy way to extend support to all those affected by these devastating floods.
  • Mark your calendar: Sunday, Feb. 27th (12:00 noon - 1:00 pm). If you enjoy getting together with others you may want to make arrangements now to host or attend a gathering.
  • Support aid organizations: We trust that as you feel called and are able to, you will extend your prayers as well as financial support to those organizations working to help affected areas.
  • Save the Date: We're halfway to our 2nd annual Earth Healing Day. Mark your calendar... Monday, August 15, 2011. Your monthly efforts help build the field for creating the annual Earth Healing Day wave, “The OM Heard Round the World."
  • Spread the word: Please forward this email to any friends, family and associates who might be interested in joining in these monthly service opportunities. Thank you.

>Kristi McCracken is a journalist in the San Joaquin Valley of California.