Thank You!

Kathlyn Kingdon, Earth Healing Day Steering Committee Member, October 25, 2010

This is a huge THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the healing meditation embracing Mexico today, October 24, 2010. For me, it was a very powerful experience, and I hope it was for each of you, as well.

As today neared, it has seemed that a powerful energy was moving in Mexico. In yesterday's newspaper, I read about the earthquakes in Mexico. In the newspaper this morning, I read of the senseless slaughter of 13 young people who were attending a party in Ciudad Juarez. Apparently, the assassin got the wrong address!

I know that each of you is saddened as deeply as am I at such breaking news. We ask ourselves, "Will this violence never stop?" Of course, none of us has the answer to that question, but I think we must fervently believe that it will stop, for dedicated belief generates a very powerful energy.

I'm writing this to ask each of you to "amp up" your meditations for Mexico for the remaining few days of October. I realize that this month's meditation has been more difficult for many of us than was, say, the Pakistan meditation. How is it we are to hold compassion for those who seem to have no respect for the preciousness of the lives of others -- particularly children?

While I believe we must find it in our hearts to forgive those who engage in such darkness, I also believe ours must be a forgiveness grounded in reality. In other, we do not forgive the actions of such violence, we forgive the people who fall into a state of mind (or being) where they can perpetrate such actions. I believe that if these people really understood the consequences of their actions from a spiritual perspective, they truly could not continue generating violence against others.

In addition to holding compassion for those who must surely be setting themselves up to draw violence into their own lives, I like to compliment my meditation with one additional feature. I see something I call "the light of purification" shining down on all who generate and perpetuate violence. I hold the thought that this "light" will expose those who need to be exposed, and offer truth and clarity for all others.

I also shine a light of healing not only on Mexico, but along all her borders and coastlines, as well. Indeed, I am overwhelmed by how much blood must have been spilled by now in the drug wars -- on both sides of the Mexican/U.S. border. With practice over the course of the month, I have been able to genuinely enter a field of compassion, even for those who I might otherwise judge for their cruel and heartless actions. While this could be considered some kind of accomplishment, I find I need to do the meditation with more of a sense of action.

While I recognize that the compassion part is extremely important, I also need to hold the focus for some direct shifts, so that I do not feel disloyal to those who have suffered most. I can, at least intellectually, recognize that everyone in this war is acting out of what must be tremendous fear, and I do have compassion for just how great that fear must be. Yet beyond this recognition, there remains the fact that to resist falling into a hopelessness trance, I need to actively envision more than compassion in my meditation.

If this might be helpful to any of you doing the meditation for Mexico, please join me in adding a focus of truth and clarity that puts our compassion to work for a new outcome in these drug wars. Together, I believe we can powerfully intend another outcome than what we see in the daily news. Let's do it!

Again, thank you so very much for participating in this massive coming together to heal the really wounded places on Earth. Let us never forget that "There, but for some amazing flow of grace, go I."