The Voice of the Turtle

Catherine J. Frompovich, July 27, 2010

One of the more esoteric writings in spirituality is a poem, Song of Solomon, wherein this line appears,

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; (Chapter 2, verse 12)

Song of Solomon

During this time of trial and tribulation for dear Mother Earth due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, maybe we ought to edit that line to read,

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the SEA turtle is heard in our land;

Have you seen photographs of magnificent sea turtles coated in crude oil lying dead upon the gulf shores? Even though those once vibrant critters of the sea are now dead, their voices still are speaking to us. Can you hear what they are saying? It is this:

“Look what you have done not only to me but to Creator’s handiwork, your planet and its oceans.”

If one cannot interpret the sign language being imparted by thousands of forms of sea life, then, perhaps, one is not attuned to Gaia, dear Mother Earth, a truly magnificent living creation upon which we all live.

Gaia is one with all of creation—including us humans—something very few really understand and can equate with for if they did, technology would not rape her every chance it gets.

When Creator endowed humans with stewardship of this planet, did He/She truly expect the assaults that would be perpetrated upon the lovely Blue Jewel of the Cosmos?

Earth lives, just as we do. She is alive and gives life energy to all who dwell within and upon her loving and lovely body. How many times have humans and our technology ravaged her? Consider this:

  • Atomic bomb testing in the deserts of southwestern United States with actual atomic bombs dropped on two cities in Japan;
  • Nuclear waste that awaits a final disposal, something she may not want;
  • Earth and Nature know how to deal with fusion, not man-made fission;
  • Exploitation of her inner resources of coal and oil that just may act as ballast for her as she orbits space, or may determine her inner core spin or tectonic plates floatation;
  • Compromising her capacity to provide fresh air by destroying trees, forests, and, particularly, the Rain Forests of South America;
  • Polluting her waters with toxic chemicals;
  • Killing her sea creatures with discarded plastics that float at sea;
  • Robbing her ability to replenish the soil with nutrients because of high phosphorus fertilizers and other chemical enrichments when all She wants is our recyclable wastes;
  • And, finally, almost total disregard for Her air space, which humans pollute with toxic factory emissions and jet chemtrails.

Mother Earth is ailing and we need to help her get well again. Mother Earth needs her children, which we are, to stand up for her and say, “Enough pollution; enough fossil fuel exploitation; more renewable energy; more clean water; more clean air; more respect for the Earth.”

We will have a chance to do that on Sunday, August 15th, 2010, Earth Healing Day. Let everyone hear the voices of all the sea creatures—and humans too—who are affected by the environmental disaster of the epoch, the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Let us join our hearts, minds, and prayers into one cohesive uplifting of Gaia, our planet, whom we should love dearly. After all, we don’t have another one that we can move to.

Let’s place our thoughts, meditations, and prayers before the Creator of us all and ask forgiveness both of Creator for messing up His/Her handiwork, and of Gaia for polluting her beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Let us ask for guidance how we can co-exist with each other, Mother Earth, and Nature as one happy family so that all can be one with each other and in so doing, become whole again in body, mind, and spirit.

So be it. Amen. Namasté. Shalom. Om.

Gulf Oil Spill Devastating for Sea Turtles "For the moment, the gushing oil has stopped but this oil spill will have long-lasting impacts on sea turtles and the Gulf of Mexico marine ecosystem" said Jacqueline Savitz, senior campaign director at Oceana. Turtles can come in contact with oil when they surface to breathe, by eating contaminated prey, and on soiled beaches. Turtles are vitally important to keeping marine ecosystems in balance, so by devastating turtles, the oil spill is wrecking havoc throughout the Gulf of Mexico.
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